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[-JPS-] Why Don't I Have the Borrow Option on Cash App: Easy Ways (*borrow money from cash app*) [-YMDP3KH-]

Why Don't I Have the Borrow Option on Cash App: Easy Ways

If the borrow option is unavailable on Cash App, you live in a state where the Cash App Borrow feature is inaccessible. Thus, there is a considerable chance that your credit score is also poor. But you can talk with a cash app representative live for better accessment on cash app number.

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You cannot use the Cash App to borrow money if you have a poor credit score. A score below 580 is determined as poor. You cannot enable the Cash App loan feature if your payment history status is poor.

To access the borrow feature, users must make regular deposits of around $1000. You must also fulfil essential eligibility criteria like age, credit score and state of residence. Getting a loan agreement would help if you were at least 18 years old.

Key Takeaways

• Users can borrow from $20 to $200 on Cash App.

• You do not qualify for the borrow feature if you don't have a good credit score.

• The highest borrowing limit available is $600.

• To repay your loan, you have four weeks.

• A 1.25% fee is charged if you don't repay the amount within the given time.

Reasons why the Cash App Borrow feature is not available

Several reasons show you don't have the borrow option on Cash App. Please look at the most popular ones:

1. Negative balance

2. Non-verified Cash App user

3. Poor credit score